Gemini Spashdown Solo Bait Clip Review.

December 18, 2011

I’ve been using the splashdown leads for some time and can’t really fault them. Perfect for otg casting and they release every time, the only downside was the cost – if I was going to snap off or get snagged it was always with a splashdown on
When I found out that the splashdown “solo” was available I thought “oh joy!! “Less cost as I can use all the old leads I have lying round
The solo is basically the clip section of a splashdown and at about 40p each seemed like a perfect solution
I attached a solo to various leads and found the following
Outcast lead – I cast out and thought the lead had been washed back in as I just couldn’t get any tension on the line – after reeling in I found two things
The lead was gone!! And the hook was still clipped in place
Scratch the outcast then
Flatback lead – Two casts and the hook stayed clipped down on both
“Traditional” grip lead – Hiljon was trying this and the clip worked every time
Namix lead – rain stopped play but i would think that the clip wouldn’t work with this lead either
The solos seem ok with torpedo shaped leads where the top tapers in , but any flat topped lead seems to shield the clip when it hits the water so it just doesn’t work
As for the splashdown lead – I can only assume that the shape of the wire (a loop instead of an eye) just isn’t what the solo is designed for
Will I get any more – doubtfull , I’ll stick to the proper splashdown leads or the outcasts


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